A downloadable VR Game for Android


Hyperstacks is still in heavy development, and what you see here might not resemble the final product

There will be bugs, glitches and performance issues. If you find any of the above we urge you to report them to us in our discord server


By joining our discord server you can help us with the development of the game by giving us feedback and reporting bugs, also you can see the game development of the game and get important news about Hyperstacks.

We also organize contests and events with sweet rewards! items so keep an eye and be part of our comminity your word is important for us!

After playing it would be really nice if you fill this feedback form! 
https://forms.gle/CxUy5G5KNm5inZVPA Enjoy!


Climb, fight, dodge, think, create, share and play in this frenetic puzzle-action game  
Combined with a super-powerful level editor created for Oculus Quest.

Create levels share them with your friends and Play with them,
Unlimited Gameplay is on the way!

Fight against foes, climb walls, solve puzzles, unleash your creative side,  
and create your own levels, enjoy community-created content and,  
game modes, compete, or cooperate with other players! All in one!


Level editor- Create deadly levels in VR and interact with the community!  

Community-Based - Monthly-Featured levels, ideas, and much more!  

Melee and Ranged Combat - Crush your foes with your own combat style!  

Full VR Movement - Move any direction even up or down.  

Deadly traps - Just.. just don't touch anything pink.  

Multiplayer (Coming soon) - Play or create levels with your friend! or compete with them!

Epic bosses (Coming soon) - Fight against a great variety of bosses that will make your life a living hell.  


This is a little guide that wil help you to create really good levels
(This guide is on development)
You also have in-game guides for the level editor regarding the items that can be used


Hyperstacks 0.12.2 DEMO 268 MB

Install instructions

Alpha access only available on Sidequest!
Install trough Sidequest

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